Bets on possession of the ball on the site of the bookmaker Mostbet

In the lines of bookmakers you can find bets on possession of the ball in football. Most often, the bettor has to guess which team will most often have the ball during the match or half. Some bookmakers accept betting on the total percentage of possession. In this article, we will learn how to correctly bet on possession of the ball in football matches, which teams are best suited for this type of bet.

Bets on teams with more possession of the ball

When choosing teams that have more possession of the ball, the style of play and the placement of players should be taken into account. Classical examples of teams that are used to often owning a leather shell are Barcelona, ​​the national teams of Spain, Brazil, Ajax, Arsenal. If we evaluate the style of play of these teams, then this is a mobile midfield with technical players and mainly one forward.

Mentors of such teams prefer 4-4-2 and 4-5-1 formations. Let them use these schemes in the game alternately. There is a constant transformation from one to another. Another good example of such a game scheme is the performances of Deportivo of the Irureta era in the late 90s and early 2000s. Five technical midfielders suppressed the opponent's midfield due to short and medium passes. This is how the statistics of Spanish clubs in possession of the ball will turn out:

Check out Real Sociedad. He ranks 3rd in ball possession. Bets on possession of the ball in the home meetings of this team will be profitable. In general, it's best to find a solid midfielder, or a team on the lower floors of the standings that has a high percentage of ball possession. It will always be profitable to bet on such teams.

Freiburg is a good example in this regard. This club likes to play a combination game to the detriment of defense. Therefore, it often turns out to be outsiders. It is best to bet on this team in home games with underdogs and middle players.

It is best to place bets on the possession of the ball in those moments when the opponents are playing on a good field. In rainy weather and on poor turf, the advantage of technical teams over less experienced opponents is reduced.

Betting on teams with less possession of the ball

You can bet on teams that rarely own the ball. At the same time, it is imperative that they occupy the last places. Teams that have less possession of the ball prefer to play the so-called vertical football, when the center of the field is quickly overcome in a minimum number of passes, and the forwards are brought to striking positions.

A classic example of such a game is the game of Kyiv Dynamo from the time of Lobanovsky. When the people of Kiev were in good shape, they decided the fate of the match in 15-20 minutes. And the remaining time the opponent owned the ball, but to no avail.