About us

Everest Printing House

They say it’s always harder at the beginning but when your work matches your passion, the new path looks familiar and you keep going with trust.
Everest is one of the first printing houses in Romania, and time proved us that it’s more essential to work better and not necessary more, that the only real competition is the one in which you, the one from today, are competing with the one from yesterday.
1994 represents for us the first printed materials, and the most important is that, after 20 years of continuous activity, we are still enthusiasts to know that the result exceeded the expectations.
Our team counts more than 140 professionals and each of our over 600 clients represents the certainty that for 20 year we are doing what we know best.
When you have all the strengths on your side, the evolution is a one way road. That’s how the printing machines became modern technology, the employees became specialized people, and the complex projects are common for us.
At Everest printing house every month is measured in 400 tones of paper, 10 million sheets, 30 days of intense activity and hundred of appreciations.