Blue color in bedroom

Thanks to the blue color in the bedroom there will be a feeling of purity and tranquility, freshness and coolness. Most professional designers prefer this particular shade for the design of rooms intended for rest.

Choosing a blue color for your bedroom, you must immediately decide which it will be: secondary or dominant. You can use any tone, starting with turquoise, ending with a marine tint. In the event that the color is the main one, it must be lightened if the focusing is to saturate.

The bedroom in blue tones may look cold. That this does not happen, the color range is needed to supplement pink, gray, white or beige color. If you need to enlarge the room, it is best to paint the walls in a blue tint. So not only visually the space will expand, but it will also become more bedroom.

The nearest "friend" of the blue can be called white color. Thanks to this combination, the room looks more spectacular and solemn. If there is a panoramic window, direct solar will not affect the color.

Excellent combined with all the shades of blue and gray. If you correctly relate these two tones, it will be excellent design, which will not seem boring and faded. The objects of the decor of the metal shade will be alike. With this solution, the color gamma will be calm and relaxing.

Carpets, lamps, lamps, vases, statues, hours - this will all be an excellent addition to the bedroom in a blue tone. Against the background of this color, patterns, plant motives and various ornaments will look awesome. The main thing is not to get carried away with the decor, because in the bedroom should not be unnecessary details that will spoil the mood or "will" give "insomnia. It is not worth using bright colors as focusing colors, it will be enough to install a couple of objects that will attract a look.

For the ceiling look beautiful, it should be painted in gray or white. Depending on the selected tone, it is necessary to choose a floor coating that will be combined in color, for example, carpet or laminate.

Bedroom furniture in blue colors It is advisable to choose pink, blue or yellow shades. The bed must be calm tone: gray or brown.

To decide on additional colors, it is necessary to repel from the style of the room. For example, the vintage bedroom will need white, beige, black and gray colors. winbet recenzie