Secrets of ZZ Top Roadside Riches slot machines

Secrets of ZZ Top Roadside Riches slot machines

ZZ Top Roadside Riches slot machine launched in 2021 by the manufacturer Play'n Go. It refers to the musical and at the same time adventurous themes. In it you can have fun on computers and cell phones. How to win in ZZ Top Roadside Riches, will be considered in the article!

Choosing what to play, you need first of all pay attention to RTP and the percentage of issuance. We recommend to start with the slot because there are simple rules, fast payouts and you can start playing even with the minimum bet.

The main characteristics of the machine

Before considering the secrets of ZZ Top Roadside Riches, you should familiarize yourself with its key features:

  • ZZ Top Roadside Riches
  • The number of reels - 5;
  • Number of paylines - 3;
  • Lines - 1024;
  • Payout parameter or RTP - 96.2%;
  • Volatility - high;
  • Maximum possible winnings - 4,000,000;
  • The minimum bet - 0.2;
  • Maximum bet - 100.

What number of lines to choose when playing the machine?

The optimal number of paylines depends on their total number. The higher it is, the more profitable is considered slot, that can safely be said about the model under consideration. In addition, the range of rates in this case is also decent. After activating all the rows you can increase your own chances of winning by 10 times, regardless of the size of the bet.

Bonus games of the machine as a way to win

Studying the secrets of winning, you should definitely pay attention to the bonuses. The special game is not provided, as well as re-spins, rounds for doubling, jackpot. But there are free spins and special characters - wild and scatter. the first is represented by a woman's leg, the second - the musicians. Next in descending order of seniority are points, skulls, buffalo. And finally, the card suits, which have an identical value. The wild symbol allows you to collect winning combinations, the scatter triggers auxiliary bonuses.

ZZ Top Roadside Riches

  • The risk game .
  • Doubling game in a slot machine is not provided.


As in most modern slots, the minimum value is 0.2 credits, and the maximum is 100.

List of strategies

Cheat ZZ Top Roadside Riches can not, but to win, using proven strategies and tactics, more than real.

  • Play and Run. First you have to divide your entire bank into several identical shares. For example, there are five slots at your disposal. You can safely allocate $200 to each of them. To determine the number of empty spins, you need to start small. Not unimportant is the determination of the amount of the limit of loss. As soon as the limits are reached, you can move on to another slot.
  • One game. This strategy is considered risky. Its essence is that the player chooses any interesting slot and at the first rotation makes a maximum bet. If lucky, you can split the amount received into small bets and continue the session. If the credits received in the first spin were lost, you can move to another machine.
  • Up the ladder. Within the framework of this tactic, first you need to determine the threshold of the bet, that is, decide less than what amount it will not be done. If there is no result after scrolling, the value does not change. If there is a winning, the amount is doubled.
  • Umbrella. The essence of this system is to increase or decrease the value of the bet, but gradually. There are no strict rules, so each player can adjust the tactic to his own needs. However, parameters such as time, style of play and bankroll are taken into consideration.

How to win

There is no single winning scheme, but you can use the simple rules to speed up the process of achieving and winning:

  • participate in rounds with bonuses;
  • Use the maximum number of lines;
  • carefully follow the combinations;
  • Start with small bets, increasing their gradually;
  • Play only the maximum amount allowed.

The overall conclusion

Thus, the slot ZZ Top Roadside Riches offers users a lot of new opportunities, allowing fun to spend time and earn a decent amount of money.